Custom Remote Control Manufacturer - Celadon Inc., OEM custom remote control;
custom infrared (IR) remote controls and custom radio frequency (RF) remote controls.
We design, engineer and manufacture custom remote control products for consumer and
industrial appplications.

  Celadon Custom Remote Control Manufacturer
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Custom Remote Control
and Custom Receiver Manufacturer

Infrared Remote Control Transmitters Custom Remote Controls   Infrared Remote Control Transmitters Custom Receivers

Manufacturer of Infrared Remote Controls - IR, Radio Frequency Remote Controls - RF, OEM Remote Controls, Custom Remote Controls, Standard Molds, New Remote Designs, Custom Remote Control Mold Design, Low Volume Remotes

Manufacturer of Infrared Receivers - IR, Infrared to RS-232 Converters, Infrared to USB Converters, Radio Frequency Receivers - RF, Custom Receivers

Custom Remote Manufacturer - Remote Control Mold Set 1 Custom Remote Manufacturer - Remote Control Mold Set 2  
RCV-5000 Infrared RS232 Output Receiver
Serial Custom
RS232 Output
RCV-3000 USB Infrared Receiver
USB Infrared
Custom Remote Manufacturer - Remote Control Mold Set 3 Custom Remote Manufacturer - Remote Control Mold Set 4
Raw Serial Data Output
Raw Serial Data
Stereo Jack
Receiver Kit
Infrared Receiver
TTL Output Kit
The above pictures represent only a few of the off the shelf remote control models we manufacture. We also design and manufacture application specific custom remote controls using infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology.    
Radio Frequency Remote Control and Receiver Pairs Also Available. Multi-Protocol Infrared Remote-Receiver Pairs Available: NEC, Sony, RC5, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Matsushita all selectable with unique device ID in one remote! Great for small or large volume, custom remote applications.

Infrared (IR): 36KHz to 56KHz, 455KHz, Custom

Radio Frequency (RF): 27MHz, 433MHz, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Proprietary

Wired: RS232, USB, TTL
Custom Remote Control Design - From concept to design to custom remote manufacture.
Custom Remote Control Applications
Please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability of our custom remote control products or call our sales staff at (415) 472-1177 x201.
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